Engage San Diego Action Fund works to lift up the voices of historically and systemically excluded communities of San Diego County.

This means that we are a truly multi-issue 501c4 organization focused on increasing voter engagement through targeted endorsements, field outreach, digital campaigns, and political education. 

The Engage San Diego Action Fund board reflects a coalition of power-building, community focused c4 organizations in San Diego County, however, each board member serves in their individual capacity, and any affiliation listed is for identification purposes only.

Dr. Kyra Greene - Board Chair 

(Policy Action)


David Trujillo, Vice-Chair 

(ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties)


Neal Ortiguerra, Treasurer  

(Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest Action Fund)


Caroline (Cara) Dessert, Esq. - Board Member

(San Diego LGBT Community Action)


Christopher Rice-Wilson - Board Member

(Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund)


Diane Takvorian - Board Member

(Environmental Health and Justice Campaign)