Geneviève Jones-Wright for San Diego County District Attorney


Based on her accomplishments, history, and dedication to effective criminal justice reform in San Diego County, the Engage San Diego Action Fund Board is thrilled to endorse Geneviève Jones-Wright for District Attorney of San Diego County in 2018.


The Engage San Diego Action Fund supports candidates who will work for systemic change, strive to improve civic engagement, and fight for social and economic justice in historically and systemically excluded communities of San Diego County.


With our justice system in crisis, it is imperative that we elect a District Attorney who understands how criminal justice reform will improve lives in the many diverse communities of San Diego:


  • by giving young people a second chance to learn from their mistakes rather than putting them in the system;

  • by taking officer-involved shootings seriously and holding police accountable;

  • by choosing rehabilitation and prevention instead of incarceration;

  • by supporting welcoming immigration policies in enforcing the California Values Act, and using their discretion power to keep families together;

  • by providing effective local services like community mental health instead of jail;

  • and by seeking justice and ensuring equal treatment under the law, to make sure the right people are charged for the right reasons.


Throughout this campaign, Geneviève Jones-Wright has proven herself to be a real champion for justice, and we look forward to seeing her implement a broad criminal justice reform agenda once in office.

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