Nathan Fletcher for San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 4

Based on his accomplishments, history, and dedication to effective reform in San Diego County, the Engage San Diego Action Fund Board is thrilled to endorse Nathan Fletcher for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, District 4 in 2018.

The Engage San Diego Action Fund supports candidates who will work for systemic change, strive to improve civic engagement, and fight for social and economic justice in historically and systemically excluded communities of San Diego County.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors keeps proving that it is out of touch with the voters of San Diego County. Whether it’s choosing to spend money on a stadium over affordable housing, or siding with Trump instead of standing with California on protecting immigrant families, it keeps turning right to drive us off a cliff.

We need a leader on the County Board who will speak for all the people of San Diego County and fight for affordable housing, access to health care, economic equity, and social justice. Throughout this campaign, Nathan Fletcher has proven himself to be a real champion for change, and we look forward to seeing him implement a broad reform agenda once in office.